Teens Tracked Down… Literally

Detail of the center Metrolink labels that wer...

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The LA Times reported that two teenagers were killed by a Metrolink train as a result of sleeping on the tracks.  Not only a timely and bizarre topic, this story is well written and delivers the news in an intriguing manner.

The story provides clear answers to the “who, what, when, where, why and how” elements of news writing.  Quotations  served a purpose, in this case, to provide support of the event and opinions of those close to the scene.

The article used suspense, listing the possible explanations for the deaths gone over by the authorities.  Despite the typical “get to the point” tactics news usually adheres to in the lead, the writer provokes the reader by including the thought struggles of authorities sharing the shock and confusion that the readers also faced.  The emphasis on the unusual kept readers glued to this story all the way to the end.

The story also localized the situation by including quotes from a nearby resident, demonstrating his concern.  This thereby demonstrated the impact this event had on the community.  This article correctly attributed opinions using full quotes and objective language.

This story was published in a timely manner and handled effectively on the basis of standards set in the text Reporting for the Media by Bender et. al.


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