New Views on Interviews

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Until reading “The Art of the Interview” by Lawrence Grobel, I thought interviews were nothing more than a nervous conversation between a more interesting individual than yourself, a time of seat squirming ,forced smiles, and nods.  But the reality is those people you interview are human and each come with their own problems, many you do not want yourself.

The best remedy for nerves and self doubt in an interview is “be yourself” said Grobel.  It discredits you as an interviewer if you are not genuine.  Be honest with yourself and do not attempt to make yourself any lesser or superior to your subject.

A final item I did not consider is how a subject may seem to take control of the interview.  Grobel mentioned how he maintains control of the interview by interjecting with tough questions and comments that forces the subject to respond to the subjects you want.  There may be slender opportunities in which you can manipulate the subject’s thought patterns to get them to comment on matters that they told themselves they would not discuss.  It is all in presentation.


About misstiana

I am a Liberal Studies major at Vanguard University. This is my fourth and final year of study as an undergraduate. It is my aspiration to become an exciting and effective educator for the public elementary school as quickly as possible. I consider myself to be very multifaceted. I dabble in several differing hobbies and love learning new ones. I spend my time doing anything from studying, reading, and cooking to solving Rubix cubes, playing video games, and making friendship bracelets. I am a child at heart and enjoy the little things in life. There is nothing like sipping a good cup of coffee and a good laugh to make the day a bit brighter.
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