Getting the Goods

TVB News Reporter Akina Fong

Image via Wikipedia recently produced a list of 10 ways to find stories other journalists are missing.  The article suggested that finding unique stories and capturing various perspectives takes effort and practice.  This list is designed to make finding those one of a kind and breaking news stories that all journalists crave.

The steps included: stepping out of your comfort zone, finding a guide, engage in constant learning, understand your own filters, be a diplomat, eat with people, take time to establish friendships and credibility, invite people into the newsroom, and remind others that you are always working to achieve accurate and complete coverage.  These steps were each clarified and described according to its purpose and relevance to the profession.

The step that surprised me the most was to “understand your own filters.”  We often forget that each of us have developed our own presuppositions to topics and way of life.  Our culture differs from others and if we are not careful, can hinder our objectivity.  By being away of our own bias  we can find way to compensate for it.

As for the website, I found if very engaging and helpful.  Much useful information such as articles, news on upcoming events and training, latest news, and even “how to” pages.  Journalists of any type can find useful resources to better their quality of work as well as story success. I was particularly interested in the chats page which enabled the user to dialogue with other journalists via forum. Altogether my experience with the article and web page was positive.


About misstiana

I am a Liberal Studies major at Vanguard University. This is my fourth and final year of study as an undergraduate. It is my aspiration to become an exciting and effective educator for the public elementary school as quickly as possible. I consider myself to be very multifaceted. I dabble in several differing hobbies and love learning new ones. I spend my time doing anything from studying, reading, and cooking to solving Rubix cubes, playing video games, and making friendship bracelets. I am a child at heart and enjoy the little things in life. There is nothing like sipping a good cup of coffee and a good laugh to make the day a bit brighter.
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