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Front pages of newspapers capture the attention of consumers, ultimately coaxing them into a purchase decision.  Today, there were three front page designs that reeled me in and set the hook.

The first, comes from the Bakersfield Californian.  The top fold of the front page is covered by a massive picture of a tired man crossing his fingers.  The headline “Rough Road Ahead” had me curious.  What was this man hoping for? What was his journey? The subheading below indicated the story was on unemployment.  The clever part of this front page was the small top portion of a graphic that simply read “Daily Deal!”  A newspaper that will provide me with the news and help me save money is certainly compelling to purchase.

The next front page design I would like to note comes from the San Fransisco Examiner.  I loved the layout of this page.  It had great graphic, even a weather report icon in the upper right hand corner.  The headline was bold and slightly shocking which read “Cop nabbed in taxi bribe scam.”  To the left of this headline and large photograph was a sidebar with three other interesting stories.  This layout was very effective because the newspaper seemed to have much to offer within its fold.

The final front page comes from The Tribune.  This front page had a clever photograph layout and playful headlines such as “Make space for more stars.”  The stories it decided to place on the front page was cleverly selected to appear to a wide demographic.  The topics included: the environment, dance, science, religion and crime.  The lines were clear and organized, making this collection of stories look uncluttered and professional.

Front pages are what compels me to make a purchase; why not make them appealing?


About misstiana

I am a Liberal Studies major at Vanguard University. This is my fourth and final year of study as an undergraduate. It is my aspiration to become an exciting and effective educator for the public elementary school as quickly as possible. I consider myself to be very multifaceted. I dabble in several differing hobbies and love learning new ones. I spend my time doing anything from studying, reading, and cooking to solving Rubix cubes, playing video games, and making friendship bracelets. I am a child at heart and enjoy the little things in life. There is nothing like sipping a good cup of coffee and a good laugh to make the day a bit brighter.
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