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I was reading the L.A. Times and discovered an article regarding a food safety bill that passed by the Senate.  The Food Safety and Modernization Act would require improved planning and record-keeping by food producers and would give the Food and Drug Administration the authority to recall contaminated food under its own authority, without needing cooperation from the industries.

Personally, it looks like this would save a lot of people trouble with food borne illnesses, especially since there have been many outbreaks recently.  This would also, however, be a major shift for the FDA and may be a scary place for industries as they lose power.  The House still has to make a decision regarding the bill, but already has support from President Obama.

As for the article itself, I was pleased with the information provided.  Although it did not dig into the nature of the bill until later, I received adequate knowledge of what it was about and what was being done.  The individuals interviewed were credible to the topic and had valuable insights.  The author also did a great job of removing personal bias about the bill and represented both sides amiably.


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